About me

My name is Patrick Switzer and I have about 5 years of experience working in 3D on a variety of projects, mostly pre-rendered cut-scenes and trailers. 

The Past
From a young age I’ve had a strong interest in creative pursuits, especially in visual arts. The ability to create anything I can think of had a powerful influence over me. Much of my time was spent exploring the wondrous and wild outdoors of British Columbia, Canada, where I was born; camping and hiking in the untamed wilderness and fueling my imagination with incredible visions of beauty. The rest was spent watching movies and obsessing over video games, to the point of entire days drifting by while I quested for virtual glory. Of course, much of the technology at this time was limited and so my imagination dutifully expanded upon these creations. And so it went for years… And it was not until I saw the release of the first WarCraft III cinematic piece (and what was becoming possible with the computer) that I fell in love with 3D and decided to pursue it as a career.

The Present
Fast forward and we arrive at the present where I have been working professionally as a character artist in California. Modeling, texturing and creating facial blend shapes are among the chief duties I’ve performed, with experience in facial animation and shading. I have gained a very strong understanding of human faces in particular, their muscles/forms and how they work mechanically. Working in a senior position and acting as a Lead on various projects I've become well versed in dealing with tight deadlines with a small team and adapting to new pipelines and client requests.

The Future
I do my best to bring determination, hard work and passion to exceed the goals of whatever task lies before me. I only wish to continue working in such an incredible field and expand my horizons to become fluent in new disciplines every day.